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Why Film?

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Why Film?

The distinct grainy appearance film produces, gives images more personality than the clean, sharp images from digital cameras. 

For some photographers, the method matters just as much as the result. Passionate photographers may well use film because it requires more skill than digital, increasing a strong sense of pride in their work.

Digital cameras these days are so precise, it’s hard even for a beginner to make mistakes. Just set it to auto mode, press the shutter, and you have a well-exposed photo. You can even enable grid lines on your screen to assist with composition!  

These are all perfect features to use until you realize that they have turned you into a lazy photographer. 

Film photography forces you to make active decisions all of the time to achieve the best possible results. You can’t choose auto mode on a fully manual analog camera, so you’ll be compelled to learn how to use every single knob, button, and lever of your device!

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