NEW Bellini ECN-2 Development Kit - Brilliant!

The Brilliant Bellini ECN-2 Development Kit for Motion Picture ECN2 process. It has the capacity to process 12 35mm films of 36 Exp. or 1 16mm film of 30.5m or 6 Super 8 films of 15m each.



ECN2 chemistry is used in the motion picture industry to process colour film stocks such as Kodak Vision films and the old Fuji Eterna & Reala motion picture films.  It is usually only available when purchased in industrial quantities…enough to fill swimming pools!

Not any more!!

According to the great Mr Bellini, shelf life can be up to two to three years, the developer should be stored with as little oxygen in the container as possible or best of all vacuum sealed.

As far as we know this is the world’s only professional factory formulated ECN2 kit that is available to the home user…it is made from the highest quality materials as per all of the Bellini Chemistry and comes with full instructions which are available by clicking here  ECN2_scheda-tecnica-NEW

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Weight2 kg

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  1. henryanddawn

    This is probably the best home sized ECN-2 Kit on the market, being manufactured in a 1 litre kit. Its vey easy to use, and temperature can be maintained by a variety of methods

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