HC110 Bellini EuroHC Film Developer 250ml


High concentration developer formulated for Black & White film processing with durability over time. Very fine-grain, contrast balance and high sensitivity. Available in 500 mL bottle of concentrate to dilute 1 + 31 to make 16 liters of ready-to-use developer (dilution “B”).

Wear gloves and use safety goggles; keep out of reach of children.


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Once again it’s Bellini to the rescue and this formulation could well be better than the new Kodak version…yes, that has changed, now that the much loved HC110 syrup is now gone.

If you’ve missed that lovely developer, or hadn’t used it due the massive volume you had to buy and look after here’s the all new HC-110 substitute.

What’s the difference?

Not a lot: Use EURO HC just as you would with Kodak’s version….Dilution B being the recommended choice. Easy!

Like the new Kodak HC, this version is thinner so you can use a syringe to measure it more accurately.

We have found that Euro HC has done away with one of the few flaws of HC-110 in that it produces much sharper negatives, having higher acutance.

Much has been done also to this formula to prevent discoluration and we can confirm from our own experience, this is clean and should last longer than any other HC variant.

Best thing is that you can now access this wonderful developer without having to buy an amount that a professional photo lab would use!

We are offering this in much more sensible 250ml quantities.


So why is it here?

Kodak recently sold off their chemistry division and as soon as that happened supplies of all of those products disappeared…not a problem for D76 (use Ilford ID-11) not a problem for Xtol (use Bellini Eco-Film) but the biggest loss has been HC-110.

So we asked the guys at the factory to see what we could do…Mr Bellini himself took it on board and within a week we had test samples to pass out to our regular testers all of whom use HC-110 a lot.

Unanimously and independently each came up with the same conclusion: “This IS HC-110″…we tested it too and had the same experience.

Since then it has evolved, the formula tweaked to delay the inevitable oxidisation that you get with HC-110 formulae and strengthened to function as per the syrup.



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