E6 Film Processing and Scanning (Med Res) 35mm

We offer an excellent E6 processing service for your 35mm Kodak and Fuji films. We use the excellent Bellini 6 bath system in our darkroom, and every roll is hand developed without the need for your film to pass through any rollers or cogs.
the brilliance of your E6 film will shine through.


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E6 Colour Reversal Developing; E6 process is required for all colour reversal film available today. This film is also commonly known as Slide film or Positive film and when developed the images are positive, not negative. The film is marked “E6” on the cassette or roll as per the image below.

E6 is a much more specialised process than C41, and as lab offering this service, we run daily control strips on our Bellini Chemistry

Regardless of whether you choose us , or any other lab, to handle your E6 processing, it is important to check if they have the controls and procedures in place to deliver high quality consistent results. Colour reversal film deserves the best possible processing.

Medium resolution scanning is through our high end Fuji SP3000 system.


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