Bellini RDL Universal One-Shot Developer R09/ Adinol Formulation

Bellini RDL Universal One-Shot Developer R09/ Adinol Formulation

We are delighted to be offering this reformulation of the original Rodinal…the earlier versions such as the late lamented Aph.09 we reckon, always gave better, sharper results and nicer contrast.

That is exactly the case with the BelliFoto RDL version…laboratory testing showing that this “produces better contrast, improved D.Max, with some fog clearing ability”….that latter part being absent previously with this developer.

What else can we tell you?  You use it like Rodinal and are likely to attain better results…carrying on happily as you were! 🙂

Development times are of course on the Massive Dev Chart and all over the web!


8 in stock (can be backordered)


Bellini RDL Universal One-Shot Developer R09/ Adinol Formulation

p-AMINOPHENOL RDL Universal Film Developer Concentrate – This p-Aminophenol based product is formulated for B&W film processing. Available in two different sizes: 100 ml bottle and 250 ml bottle of concentrate to be diluted 1+ 25 / 1+ 50. One-shot, fine-grain, high energy developer with optimum contrast control.

Wear gloves and use safety goggles; keep out of reach of children.


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