Bellini ECOSTOP Odourless Stopbath 500ml

ECO STOP Odourless stopbath – This product is a universal, ecological and odourless stop bath for all kinds of black and white films and papers. Use of an acid stop bath is highly recommended to stop the action of the developer immediately. The stop bath helps to reduce the contamination of the fixer, to prolong the life of the fixer bath.


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An ECO friendly odourless stopbath A nice option that dilutes 1+19 and is nice an friendly to use. The one we use in our darkroom!   Composed of Acetic Acid it is perfectly formulated to halt development in it’s tracks!  Allow 10 to 30 seconds at 20-25c.

This bottle ideal for the lower volume user.  It is more than sufficient for 10-15 35mm 36exp  or 120 films.

Its very easy to use, mixing without any difficulties, and no odour whatsover, perfect for those who are sensitive to the smell from other stopbath solutions.

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Do i need to use stopbath?    (external article)



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