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Colour Film Processing

colour film processing

Colour Film Processing

We offer exceptionally good value C41 process colour film processing using the proven Fuji mini-lab system combined with world renowned Bellini chemistry.

Every step of processing your film is carefully quality controlled, with the development being undertaken in optimum conditions in our purpose built lab.

Currently we can offer development of:

  • C41 process 35mm film, both 24 & 36 exposure from all manufacturers
  • C41 process APS films, using approved Fuji de-spoolers both 25 & 40 exposure
  • 120 Format C41 process films from all manufacturers 
  • 620 Format C41 process films from all manufacturers 
  • 127 Format C41 process films from all manufacturers

Please enquire about any other processes or cross processes.

We are happy to scan your processed films to your choice of format using the Fuji SP3000 system. Please see our price list for options.

As a traditional darkroom laboratory, we can also hand process your C41 films should you require. An additional charge may apply.

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