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The Darkroom Diaries

The Darkroom Diaries

Welcome to the darkroom diaries. This is quite a big thing to us, as neither of us have ever “blogged” before, so I’m guessing it will be a learning experience for both writer, and reader. As you are all aware, we run Lowestoft Camera, a film photography specialist business started out of the ashes of the CV-19 lockdown. its a new start up, and whilst neither of us are strangers to running a business, the 6 year gap between running the last business, and setting up tis one has been a huge change in the way we communicate, which we may, or indeed may not, be familiar with.

We are planning on keeping both you, and us up to date on the activities up here on the East Coast and anything film related we may come across, even the odd bit of Gos’

Thrilled that our new film stock of Shanghai GP3 has arrived in both 127 & 620 format – just done battle with the website, and Facebook to get the new out there!!

Friday Morning………

Doing battle with MailChimp; I really don’t understand why technology companies cannot explain anything in plain English!! Harrumph

Ive had to give up with MailChimp having proved that the ‘easy to use’ claim is in fact.the truth, stretched….. like all technology its easy to use, if you know how…….. Ill stick to the good old analogue darkroom for now!

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